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Pizza by Rocco

Traditional Cheese Pizza (Medium 14')

$11.99  $5.99

USA Chicken

Fried Chicken (2 Pc) with Fries

$11.75 $5.87


Chicken Ramen Noodles

$14.95 $5.98

3 kitchen

3 Chicken Tacos

%13.00 $6.50

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At BagnotBin, our mission is to connect you to more restaurants in your area, while also giving you access to significant savings on local dishes.

It’s no secret how much food goes to waste each day. Local restaurants, cafes and grocery stores are forced to throw out uneaten food at the end of the day. BagnotBin helps to minimize the food that is thrown away, allowing you to rescue it for an unbeatable discount.

Whether you’re looking for a new restaurant, or are scrolling for exclusive offers at your favorite local spot, BagnotBin can help set you up with your next meal. Your food will taste even better knowing that you helped reduce food waste in your area.

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Explore a diverse selection of meals from your favorite local restaurants or discover new culinary delights in your area.

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Select your desired meal with just a few taps, and enjoy unbeatable discounts exclusive to BagNotBin users.

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Arrive at the restaurant at your designated time, bypassing long queues and saving valuable time.

About us

How does BagnotBin help me get access to the savings?

BagnotBin works with restaurants to help them reduce their food waste by connecting them with new customers (that’s you!) who are looking for a great deal. The restaurants and cafes that we partner with are able to create select discounts that they know you’ll love, while also giving them an opportunity to stop any excess food from going to the bin.