Promote Exclusive Offers Gain Customers Boost Profits Reduce Waste

Tap into a vast local network of hungry customers with BagnotBin and expand your customer base!


BagnotBin was created to connect your restaurant with a large local network of hungry customers eager to explore new culinary experiences.

In a world where over 68% of customers lean towards establishments offering discounts and special promotions, BagnotBin provides a competitive edge to expand your customer base.

By partnering with us, your restaurant not only attracts new patrons but also contributes to reducing food waste by offering discounts on surplus items that would otherwise go unsold.

It's a win-win situation – turning potential customers into loyal patrons while making a positive impact on food sustainability.

Why BagnotBin?


Community Partnership

Connect with a large local network of hungry customers by providing exclusive deals while supporting initiatives against food waste.


Increased Visibility

Boost your marketing reach effortlessly. Our experienced team creates strategic, localized marketing plans to attract new customers onto our platform, spanning from online advertising, social media, and attending local events.


Enticing Offers

Over 68% of customers are more likely to choose a restaurant that offers discounts and special promotions. Tap into this customer preference and attract more diners to your establishment.


Customizable Offers

Keep full control over the discounts you offer. Tailor them to your specific goals, days of the week, or number of orders you want to fulfill. You’re in charge!


Flexible Schedule

Create discounts that work for your business. Whether you want to promote specific dishes, boost orders in your off-peak hours, or try out a new addition to your menu, you get to maintain control of your offers.

Get started in 3 easy steps!

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Take a Picture

Showcase specific meals you want to offer at a discount. Customers will be able to see how many dishes are left and when they’ll need to pick it up.

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Instant Listing

Connect to people in your local area who are hungry and ready to eat! By choosing the hours that your discount is available, you control the flow of customers.

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Boost Sales

Get discovered by customers who wouldn’t have found you otherwise and introduce your restaurant to new patrons!